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EXALUS motors


The SSR-BIDI motor is a state-of-the-art radio-cable drive that makes it possible to control roller shutters via the EXALUS Home system from any location on earth.

SSR-BIDI motors are primarily motors with electronic limit switch and robust obstacle detection system, thanks to which they effectively react to any problem encountered during their movement and are able to detect e.g. an iced up shutter frozen to its runner. This solution prevents possible mechanical damage to the roller shutter.

In order to program the motors, it is enough to connect them to the power supply and run automatic calibration. SSR-BIDI is a drive that learns how the roller shutter works by itself, and no additional devices are required to install and run the motors.

SSR-BIDI motors are equipped with a two-way radio signal, with which we can check the current position and status of our roller shutter. At any time, using the application or a web browser, each user can check the current position of the installed roller shutters. Application is available for both iOS and Android. The TR7 control unit is required to operate the application.

The SSR-BIDI drive is equipped with five-wire cables which, in addition to radio control, allow the customer to connect any wall-switch to match the individual design of home switches.

There is no doubt that SSR-BIDI series drives are a great addition to the EXALUS Home system. They allow for expansion of the scenario system by possibility of activating comfortable positions or ventilation positions.

Plug & Play obstacle detection motors from EXALUS are available in sizes Fi40 with 10Nm output and Fi60 with 10Nm and 20Nm  output. Locking security springs are required for proper operation of the motors, which further increases the safety of the installed roller shutters.



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